This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself of my current priorities. If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page accordingly. I am open to new opportunities and activities that support these themes and might say no to some requests that don’t.
Indulging in different art forms like painting, photography and 3D helped me to fill the interconnection between them and I try to improve as much as possible in software and theory.
After working with animation in After effects for 12 years I am finally taking the step into 3D, especially Cinema 4D and Redshift. At the moment I feel that 3D animation is the medium where I fully can express my creative potential and grow the most.
It is important for me to apply the knowledge of Film Theory to my Visuals and I love to visit the cinema weekly for entertainment and study of film.
I force some toughening routines and restrictions regarding workout, food or media consumption on myself from time to time and I try to live and travel light. Often I don’t succeed.
To feed my competitive spirit and enjoy some time away from the screen I host an analog board game round with my friends.
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