What I’m doing NOW.

Constant Improvement
After delving into all kinds of art form from digital painting, design, compositing to photography and 3D I fell the interconnection in all of this and it just “clicked”. I try to improve as much as possible on a daily basis.
I am currently working on my first Shortfilm called “I am in a War”. It involves some of my personal struggles about our generations dopamine addiction and it’s very close to my heart. 
Octane Render 3D
After working with animation in After effects for 10 years I am taking the next step into 3D and especially Octane Render. My Long Term Project ist a Scythe – Board Game Hommage which involves all kind of skillset from modelling to Compositing.
Minimalist and Stoic Lifestyle
I force some toughening routines and restrictions regarding workout, food or media consumption on my self from time to time and I try to live and travel as light as possible.
Board Game Club
To feed my competitive spirit and enjoy some time away from the screen I host an analog board game round with my friends.