Good to see you in my hub!

Since 1998, the year that the Gameboy Camera (0,014 Megapixel!) hit the stores and I created my first stop motion films, I was in love with the moving picture in all of it's facets.

2006 I moved to Berlin and became a part of the Berlin post production scene and my love for the digital image only grew from there and I learned my ways around in editing, compositing and after effects at The Shack Berlin.

I help clients visualize their ideas and bring concepts and content to live. It is my goal to make the outcome feel handmade and unique.

After trying out other art forms like digital painting I went back to my roots and bought a film camera (4k Megapixels this time). Since then I felt my passion for filmmaking flourish again and I am having a healthier life by being outside with the camera close by my site all the time. Currently I am pursuing different courses to become better at cinematography and I am looking for opportunities to showcase my skills. Feeling like my first day at work I am very ambitious and motivated about this endeavor!

Read more details about my current ventures on my Now Page.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Joscha, a 30 year old berlin based guy with a 11 year background in post production, a drive for creating and a weird love for neon colors.

What can you do for me?

My fields of competence include: Videography, Animation, Compositing, Photography, Painting and in particular: a collage of all these things!

What is your pricing?

My Motion Design/Compositing Rate is Berlin Standard. Since I just started going for Photo and Video you can get expect a highly motivated machine with a lower rate. 💪🏻

What else is there about you?

Minimalism is a big inspiration for me. I try to approach all areas of my life with this approach in mind. I also believe in Stoicism and try to improve myself on a daily basis. Besides my creative endeavors I am interested in health, movies and I am a sucker for Vietnamese food!

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